Why Working Remote May Not Be the Best Approach to Get What You Are Really After

Working in the office for a while could get you that ultimate freedom you’re after faster

Working remote means autonomy to many. But full autonomy to me means the ability to work remote but also the ability to decide when and how much.

Which basically means working for yourself.

I’m pretty sure, that’s the ultimate autonomy people are seeking even if they haven’t realized it yet.

And you might get there quicker and be able to sustain that lifestyle longer by spending time in the office.

The 2020 go remote lifestyle looks like it might last for a while

There are a lot of people out there right now looking to take advantage of their work from home freedoms.

Now, that companies are allowing people to work from home, people ask. “Ok, well then why not from Mexico, Hawaii, Puerto Rico or Banff?”

The problem with this is working remote is rarely as glamorous as it looks.

Having to be online eight hours a day in usually less than ideal working conditions can be worse than the benefit of being able to go to the beach after the workday is over.

But more important than that is what do you really want? What’s the ultimate goal here?

What is your ideal lifestyle? And how do you get there the fastest?

Before you take my advice above and go full bore and turn in your notice, start up your own business, then head to Mexico.

I’d suggest perhaps staying with your current boss, in your current office, with your current coworkers might get you to that ultimate goal faster.

Don’t be an online hustler

It’s never been easier to make a few bucks online. Obviously, I’m not the first person to see this. And it is true. There are so many platforms, goods, services, digital products, courses, e-books.

One major thing I want to point out is that a lot of what you see online, is people selling how to make money online.

Obviously, everyone sees the fallacy in this. If the only way to make money online is to teach people to make money online then this whole thing is going to collapse eventually at worst. And at best your just going to feel like crap about what you’re doing to try to make some money.

Plus in the long run it’s just not going to be sustainable.

Dive deep and have an area of expertise

Find your area of expertise, and dive deep into it.

Whether that’s technology. Get specific and dive deep into what area of technology. Or if it’s finance, what area? For startups? Personal finance? Get specific and go deep. Writing? On what? Purely fiction or do you cover tech? crypto? the markets?

Ok, that’s fine. But would be a good idea to have some area of expertise.

If you are here writing on Medium, there’s a pretty good chance, as you’re using your life experiences to come up with ideas of what to write about you’ll end up at least once in a while writing about making money on Medium, or online.

That’s ok.

But if you have that area of expertise. Where you provide real value in an area that is needed by customers, followers, viewers etc. Well, people are more likely to see you as a person of substance and are more likely to pay attention.

If you develop no area of expertise. Then chances are pretty decent you are going to end up being that online hustler that goes the make money online by teaching others how to make money online route.

Why you should start off working for a paycheck before working for yourself

That is yet another reason it may be smart to start off grinding away working for a paycheck. Want to talk and teach marketing? Software development? business? economics? money? If you work a 9–5 in one of those areas, surrounded by like minded people working in the same area, believe me, you will come away with more expertise than trying to do it on your own.

Working in an office, day to day, with smart people around you. Your boss and coworkers in the same office as you where you can quickly go to ask questions. Having people all around you with years of experience that can teach, guide and mentor you. That is invaluable.

The amount of knowledge (aka expertise) you can soak up in a good workplace is invaluable and not something to be dismissed lightly because you’d like to go to the beach after work.

Then later on, sure, go ahead and figure out how to turn that expertise you now have to your advantage.

Strike out on your own, grab that autonomy. The chances, armed now with experience and knowledge, that you will succeed have just increased exponentially.

And it’s much more likely that success will be sustainable over the long run as well.

Finance professional with a passion for reading, writing, history, economics and the world.

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