Will Bitcoin be a new currency or gold alternative? Or nothing at all?

There are a host of reasons that people think that bitcoin will be a stable relevant currency for years, decades to come.

Number one on the list is that only 21M will ever exist. This is both it’s greatest strength as well as a weakness.

In a time when the U.S. government is passing trillion dollar bills left and right like inflation is an outdated idea never to arise again… a currency that you cannot print more of sounds like a pretty sweet deal.

This is the current biggest trending reason I see for why bitcoin will continue increasing in…

Five things I’ve picked up over the years

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Airbnb and non-American branded hotels

Airbnb is great for the first few days. You can usually find cheaper prices than hotels. Although, if you stay away from the Marriott and other western brands and stay at regionally or even independent owned hotels you can also find great deals.

Instead of Priceline, Expedia or Hotels.com try using Agoda, especially if you’re traveling in Asia.

Also, if you are staying months in a place, use Airbnb or Agoda for your first few nights. But then ask the landlord what the non-Airbnb deal is if you sign up for a month or three.

If nothing else we should think the FIRE community for the 4% rule

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You can easily go down an endless rabbit hole of all the terms, calculations, studies and thoughts on Financial Independence Retire Early (FIRE). Things such as the 4% rule, inflation rates, average investment returns, sequence of return risk etc.

But I think FIRE can be broken down simply into 1) saving, 2) investing, and 3) the core principle, the 4% rule, which gives you a target to aim for.

Saving and investing are great. …

Should you take on all of that debt?

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When I was growing up in the 80’s my parents made it clear that in order to succeed that I had to do well in school, get into college, pick a practical major and become a doctor, engineer, lawyer or some other high earning profession.

This was the path; this is what you had to do to be a success; this is what you did to have a happy fulfilled life.

Yes, we knew back then that there were other paths, entertainment, sports etc. But this was pre-internet, when there were still gatekeepers keeping people out of those industries, and…

Everyone wants your attention

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We live in an attention-grabbing world. A world where people make money off how much of your attention they can attract.

It is a world quite different from how it was only a couple of decades ago.

What it used to be like

I know I developed talents and knowledge when I was younger that I am certain if I grew up in today’s world I would not have.

I have spent hours reading about history for example. Nowadays I get curious about something and google it, go look it up online and I’ve got my answer. …

What are the advantages and disadvantages of working for yourself vs working for a paycheck. Money, lifestyle, freedom.

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There are basically only two types of jobs in the world. You either work for someone else or you work for yourself.

Let’s talk about some of the advantages and disadvantages of each.

Working for a paycheck

Working for someone can be a great job or not so great job. The problem is which one it is, is mostly out of your hands.

But overall, there is absolutely nothing wrong with working for a paycheck.

I think that everyone needs to do this once in their life. If for no other reason to have built up some character and work…

Working in the office for a while could get you that ultimate freedom you’re after faster

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Working remote means autonomy to many. But full autonomy to me means the ability to work remote but also the ability to decide when and how much.

Which basically means working for yourself.

I’m pretty sure, that’s the ultimate autonomy people are seeking even if they haven’t realized it yet.

And you might get there quicker and be able to sustain that lifestyle longer by spending time in the office.

The 2020 go remote lifestyle looks like it might last for a while

There are a lot of people out there right now looking to take advantage of their work from home freedoms.

Now, that companies are allowing people to work from home…

Have more cash at the end of the year. Plus 2021 IRS contribution limits for your 401K, IRA and HSA.

Photo by ben o'bro on Unsplash

If you’re planning on saving some money in 2021 for retirement you might as well do it in the most tax efficient way. For the very simple reason that you actually increase the amount of cash you get to keep at the end of the year.

I don’t think most people can really conceptualize this when deciding between their traditional and roth 401K.

But it’s quite true.

FYI, this article is focused on the U.S. …

A concrete law we can pass to stop this from ever happening again

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Government has given out trillions in stimulus to businesses and corporations and just allowed crumbs to individuals.

We need to put guardrails in place so that Government cannot do this again. Never again should we let our politicians provide Government assistance to companies instead of people.

What we learned from the stimulus

The approach we know that politicians and pundits always push is that we cannot let businesses fail. We can’t let the banks fail. We can’t let the airlines fail. We can’t let corporations of any kind fail. As far as I can tell from what the politicians and pundits tell us that is for…

And for some reason my career took off

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I reached a point in my career where a couple of things happened that turned me into an asshole.

  • One, I got good at my job. I had been doing it over a decade and became comfortable that any and everything thrown my way I could take care of.
  • Two, I started becoming fed up with office politics, red tape, bureaucracy, the constantly evolving regulations of my profession, and the constant need to focus on the unimportant.
  • Three, I started acting like someone you might expect to act based on points one and two.

I was at a point in…

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